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CorelCAD 2018

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Product Description 

CorelCAD 2018

Affordable CAD solution for expert results
Enhance your visual communication expertise with the precision of superior 2D drafting and 3D design tools available in CorelCAD 2018. It’s the smart, affordable solution for drawing the detailed elements required in technical design. With native .DWG file support and optimization for Windows and macOS, you can enjoy computer aided design software that delivers increased productivity and impressive performance on the platform of your choice. CorelCAD 2018 provides flexible expansion options for both new users and existing customers to match any workflow.

Affordable and efficient CAD software
Expand your visual communication expertise with the precision of superior drafting and design tools available in CorelCAD 2018. With an enhanced user interface and new time-saving features, you can increase workflow and deliver impressive, visually rich CAD designs.  

Precise 2D drafting tools
Capture all the design power you need with an expansive collection of professional drafting tools that provide the control and precision required for any project. Get the flexibility and ingenuity to create, edit and annotate technical designs for all types of industries.

Specialized 3D design tools
Experience the skillful and exacting results of the 3D capabilities in CorelCAD 2018, and transition your drawings from 2D drafting into advanced 3D designs. With an array of expert and intuitive 3D tools, you are well equipped to move from project sketches to 3D output and printing.

Industry-standard compatibility and optimization
Unify your project sharing with both internal teams and external suppliers. CorelCAD 2018 is fully compatible with the latest version, AutoCAD R2018 .DWG file format, to ensure worry-free collaboration with business partners, and includes innovative customization and automation support options to align with any working environment.

High-performance CAD engine and graphics support
Incorporate key graphics into your workflow with award-winning CorelDRAW technology and increase your CAD capabilities with additional CorelCAD plugins.
Experience advanced CAD performance with the strength of a sophisticated CAD engine powered by ARES and bring efficiency to any CAD design project. 

Efficient customization and automation
Align your working environment with your design needs thanks to the advanced customization options in CorelCAD 2018. The software offers comprehensive automation support, including popular CAD automation interfaces such as LISP and VSTA.

Complete platform support
Get all the speed, performance and customization you need to create and deliver any size CAD project on the platform you want. CorelCAD Mobile for iOS and Android complements the existing Windows PC and Mac platforms. With a busy lifestyle,  you can now  design and annotate on-the-go. 

Award-winning CorelDRAW application
Rely on CorelCAD 2018 to take your projects through every important step.  With the design strength of CorelDRAW, your design process seamlessly moves from sketching and technical design, to presentation and technical documentation. Gain additional reinforcement from CorelCAD for Windows which offers support for CorelDRAW (CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (DES) direct file import and export for a smooth design workflow. 

Inclusive output formats
Accomplish your projects with powerful output options including STL file support to ensure your 3D models are 3D print-ready. CorelCAD provides many industry-standard output options, such as PDF, EPS, and SVG file formats, to ensure your CAD designs are ready for advanced print and plot functionalities, and print configuration management. 

Flexible licensing opportunities
Match your design needs with the purchasing freedom of CorelCAD’s licensing options. As a hybrid product, Windows PC and Mac, this application can be used in a variety of ways. One license can be used on both your desktop and laptop. CorelCAD 2018 is also available as a perpetual license, with optional maintenance, for both new users and as an upgrade to existing customers. Or, get a subscription offer on the App Store of your Windows 10 or macOS device. With CorelCAD 2018 comes a new subscription licensing option through the Apple Mac App Store and Microsoft Windows Store, offering platform-specific monthly and annual subscription options.

New and enhanced functions:

  • Native .DWG files
  • Industry-standard CAD features
  • 3D solid editing and modeling tools
  • Table support
  • Object snaps and EntityGrips
  • Helix tool
  • MultiLeader and Smart Dimension tools
  • Move entities incrementally
  • Manage BlockAttribute Properties and Settings
  • Enhanced performance
  • CorelCAD Mobile

Internet connection for product activation and access to the plug-in store


Product Details
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Number of Users 5-10 PC
Warranty 3 months
Dimensions 150x100 cm
Platform IOS/Android/Linux

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